Influencer’s Boobs Too Big to Fit In Her Car

via/ ambermaayy on TikTok

Amber May has huge boobs. She’s become famous on TikTok and OnlyFans for those huge boobs, and after diligent investigative journalistic research, I can confirm that these things are absolutely massive. Just look at her:

via/ ambermaayy on TikTok

The influencer currently has 36NN boobs, which is a size so big I can’t even comprehend, and she claims that she’s not done yet. She told fans that,  “My boobs do restrict me with some things like working out and tying my shoelaces. I struggle finding clothes to fit. I even had to get a bigger car as well so I could fit inside it.” May has had five breast augmentation surgeries so far, and her boobs now weigh about the same as one brick each. At 23, she’s become obsessed with a “barbie” style physique.

“Since I’ve gone bigger, I’m making more money. I like the look of my chest and my real fans also like seeing me go bigger. ‘Bimbofication’ is an identity and it’s a way of expressing myself. I love the fake look, everything pink and enhancing myself.”

May’s boobs have gotten so big that she is now struggling to find a doctor that’s willing to take on her next surgery. Don’t fret, though, she did find one in Belgium. She’ll be traveling there to have her next surgery, which she will pay almost forty thousand dollars for. 

She said, “It’s hard to find a surgeon that will do implants bigger than my current size – there’s only a few in the world who will. I can’t wait to see what they will look like!”

I’m not one to judge, so if this chick wants to go out and make her boobs bigger than most watermelons, that’s fine with me. She calls people who claim that they will pop “trolls,” though, and that’s where I disagree. Just by looking at them, I have the exact same curiosity because they really do look like something she should keep far, far away from sharp objects.

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