Instagram Influencers Caught With $3 MILLION Worth of Cocaine…

As reported by the New York Post, two Instagram influencers were recently arrested after authorities found them with 216 pounds of cocaine stuffed into their SUV while driving through Alabama. The police officers uncovered eighty-four packages of cocaine hidden throughout the vehicle, ultimately worth around three million dollars.

Nowadays, the word “influencer” is tossed around pretty lightly. While both of these ladies had modest followings on Instagram, it’s not like they were drowning in cash from endorsement deals. Usually, we see normal people work a typical nine-to-five job while trying to build their brand on social media, but these two obviously weren’t about that life. I can somewhat understand selling drugs on a minor scale as a side hustle, but this is far from minor. Three million dollars worth of cocaine? This is something you’d expect while watching Ozark or Narcos – not the actual lives of an underground female rapper and wannabe fitness influencer. 

We could spend all day speculating on how these two girls got themselves into moving this kind of weight, but I’m honestly more curious as to how they fit all 216 pounds of nose candy into their SUV’s secret compartments. Unless you just laid all the packages out in the trunk, I couldn’t imagine there are a lot of other places you could stuff that much cocaine in a single vehicle. Regardless, their mediocre abilities to hide coke will no longer be needed as they both face what seems to be an inevitable ten years in federal prison.

Written by the godfather

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