Instagram Model Stalked a Chelsea Player with 21 Phone Numbers

Let’s all give a quick shout out to Mason Mount. He plays soccer for a living so I didn’t know who he was until I heard about this story, but I know enough about him to know he is a great role model. An Instagram model named Orla Sloan recently went to great lengths to stalk Mount after the two had a one-night stand. After the night they met, the two texted for a few months before Mount attempted to end their relationship. After this happened, she began texting him as well as some of his teammates from over twenty different phone numbers. She even referred to herself as “Devil Baby,” as her weird stalker alter ego.

I’m really happy to see this man focus on his career instead of allowing himself to be consumed by Sloan’s games. Too many men have fallen because they are rich, handsome, athletic, and somehow needy enough to be manipulated by a girl who texts them all day. You’d think a girl referring to herself as Devil Baby would be a red flag for every man, but there’s a small group out there that get too blinded by the pursuit of finding a warm place to put their johnson to notice this. Give Mason Mount credit. Besides picking a respectable sport, he has done everything right in this situation.

As much as I have to say about soccer and it being a lousy sport, their players don’t mess around with women. Manti Te’o showed us what happens when a linebacker focuses on playing inside the wrong box. One of the best college prospects of his generation had his career ruined because he couldn’t tell he was being catfished online. I know that what Mount did seems obvious, but it also seems obvious that a girl who dropped her phone in the bathtub ten minutes before a scheduled video chat might be fake. If we are going to crucify the athletes who allow themselves to be ruined by women, let’s praise the ones who do what they’re supposed to. 

Mason Mount, you’re good in my book. Maybe you can put your strong leg to good use and become a punter in the NFL someday.

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