Instead Of Smoking Weed Or Snorting Some Nose Candy People Are Getting High By Eating Rotten, Raw Meat

Long-haired woman holding her nose because of bad smell near fridge at home

I remember the people who didn’t have money to buy weed so they would instead sniff gas. They didn’t care about brain cells all they wanted to do was get high, and didn’t want to spend the money on pot. Well from the depths of Twitter hell the new trend is to get high after eating rotten meat.

There are drugs to get high. However, you feel about drugs; it has to be better than eating this shit. Looking at the meat makes me feel sick; I couldn’t imagine the smell or the taste. Meat is supposed to be good tasting. It’s not supposed to look like this. Regardless if you’re one of those meat snobs who refuse to eat anything under rare, you can agree this is disgusting.

Doctors said that the high feeling is because of the bacteria in the meat. I would think it’s the rapid blood flow to your head as your bending overthrowing your guts out. We invented fire thousands of years ago, so we didn’t have to eat shit like this. Cavemen were smart enough to realize that meat needed to be cooked. If you dig deep enough into Reddit, you can find people who have been eating raw meat for years. Are these people still alive as they have risked E Coli, intestine infections, and a long list of other potential diseases? I don’t know, but the odds aren’t in their favor.

If you want to go into a deep dive into high meat, Vice did an entire book report on the subject. I’ll warn you now if you don’t have a strong stomach, I would recommend skipping the article. There are many videos of people eating raw and rotten meat. That made my stomach do backflips.

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