Instructor at driving school plows through front of business’s building

A picture taken on December 26, 2017 shows the damage after a car ploughed through the window of a store in the Bad Cannstat district of Stuttgart. The driver has lost the control of the vehicle for unknown reasons. / AFP PHOTO / dpa / Andreas Rosar / Germany OUT (Photo credit should read ANDREAS ROSAR/DPA/AFP via Getty Images)

A driving instructor at “Learn to Drive” driving school in Colorado really made their mark on the second day of work as they plowed through the front door of the company’s storefront. This is definitely not the way to start your career as a driving instructor. While I don’t expect driving instructors to have the skills of an F1 driver, I would hope that they have the ability to stop their car before they go cruising into a building. Whether you’ve been on the job for 2 years or 2 days, your prior driving experience should be enough to keep you between the lines. The driver’s name has not been publicly released, but it was reported that they were in their personal car when the crash happened. To no one’s surprise, they have already been relieved of their duties as an instructor. They were also cited with a traffic violation and will most likely be paying a heavy fine. Luckily, there was only one minor injury sustained in this ironic crash. The new employee definitely brought some unwanted attention to this driving school, but they do say that any publicity is good publicity. I think we can all agree that we had never heard of this school before this guy decided to go full Fast and Furious on their front door.

This might be one of the most ironic pictures I have seen in my lifetime, and I don’t expect it to stop circulating anytime soon. Most people on the internet are convinced that this is a photoshopped meme and I can’t blame them because the picture is simply a work of art. I can’t lie I have to respect this guy for going balls to the wall in his Hyundai Tucson. It takes a real man to let the intrusive thoughts win and just plow their way into the front door of their office. There are a lot of people out there wishing they had the nuts to pull something like this off at their place of work. At the end of the day, this guy has a great story to tell, and he walked away from a crash that should have been much worse. 

Written by Brady White

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