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Whats up guys, 

I’m Ben the Intern, AKA Birdlaw’s son. 

I’ll be ripping some sports news blogs around here and just wanted to hop on here before I really get started and tell you a little bit about myself. 

I’m from Massachusetts, lived on the North Shore all my life. I’m a sophomore business major at UMass Amherst. Yes, I know my classes are easy compared to your molecular biology lab. Nerd. 

Most of my blogs are going to be about sports/sports news. I’m a Boston fan first and foremost, but I love sports regardless of the team and I’m very excited to be able to write about any sport and any team. Don’t worry, I’ll be as unbiased as I can even though my teams are absolutely better than yours. 

Make sure to follow my socials and feel free to send me funny stories and weird sports shit I can write about. 

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Written by Ben Mulry

Masshole. Division 1 (intramural) College Athlete. Correct Take Haver.

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