Internet Moron Facing Twenty Years in Prison for Intentionally Crashing Plane

A YouTuber named Trevor Jacob (Two first names? Red flag) pleaded guilty to intentionally crashing a plane in Santa Barbara in November of 2021. His intentions of crashing his plane were made very clear in the video he posted that December titled, “I Crashed My Airplane.” In the video, he is flying a small plane, and then he jumps out and watches the aircraft fall above him.

Where Trevor Jacob really separates himself from the pack in terms of stupidity is that he then hid the evidence of this stunt, while still posting a video of the actual event. When O.J. Simpson published a book that accounted his involvement in his wife’s murder, he at least had the common sense to wait until his trial was closed. Instead, Trevor had the wherewithal to know he should cover up his crime, but he also thought it would be a good idea to post it to YouTube as soon as possible. 

The first logical thing Jacob actually said, was that he did intend to profit off of the video. I’m really happy with this being the case, because I find it way less alarming that someone would be this dumb for money compared to it solely being for clicks. It’s still wildly stupid behavior, but a hustler has to hustle, I guess.

I think the most interesting part of this is the story he’ll be forced to tell in prison. Imagine all of the inmates trying to size him up to see if he’s tough, and the word begins to travel of how he ended up in jail. Instantly everyone knows this guy is mentally lacking. I’d like to see the version of Shawshank that includes Andy Dufresne trying to teach everyone how to fly planes and make YouTube videos. Actually, no I wouldn’t because that would be as boring to watch as it will be for Trevor Jacob to live for the next two decades. 

To quote the classic action, comedy The Other Guys starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, “I hope you like prison food… and penis.”

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