Iron Chin Bounces 2 Massive Punches And Keeps Talking Shit

If you watched the first couple of seconds, you think that this guy would need the ambulance called. Nope, instead, he took those punches like it was a slight fall breeze. Then if that wasn’t bad enough, he talked shit to the guy the entire time as he was escorted out. I know that Saturdays are for fights, and this one isn’t that much of a fight, but I had to share it with the world.

You would think after the first punch that this man would take his lickings and go home with his tail tucked in-between his tail. Nope, he came back for seconds like your buddy who threw up outside and somehow kept drinking. Boot and rally or punch and rally, it doesn’t matter for this guy.

Look at that face: a man you find at 4 in the morning stumbling from the party asking where’s the next rager. This man is either insanely concussed or hammered, and I’m going with that latter. If security or police see you throwing hands, you’ll more than likely be kicked out or, worst, arrested, so if you know you have a chin that can stop atomic bombs, why not take it? You can sit back down, have a couple of more beers, and enjoy the game.

I have no idea what started the fight, but what I do know is we have some A+ commentary. The first response when filming a fight is to make sure you keep screaming WorldStar; I love the commitment from this guy. Then we have “this guy’s a boxer” I can’t tell who he is talking about because as long as you’re somewhat coordinated, you can throw a punch. Iron chin would be the boxer. You have a chin like that, and maybe prime coked-out Mike Tyson could knock him out.

We had the entire stadium watching this fight. A fan fight gets the people going.

Well, almost everyone except for Betty. She was promised stadium food if she sat through a Mariners game, and she doesn’t give a flying fuck about your fight.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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