Is DeMarcus Cousins Going To Be A Ring Chaser Again?

The bromance between John Wall, and DeMarcus Cousins is now over. The duo that once played for Kentucky in college, and were best buds is over in Houston. The Rockets have been a shit show since the beginning of the season, and they hoped that the Oladipo, Wall, and Cousins trio would lead them to the playoffs. Well it hasn’t as the Rockets are 11-18, and are the 14th seed in the West. The Rockets said that they were going to release Cousins because they want to have a smaller, and younger front court aka their in full tank mode.

DeMarcus Cousins has fallen harder than my fat ass did while dislocating my kneecap. Cousins was a great stats, bad team player when he was rotting away on the Sacramento Kings. While he was on the Kings he averaged 21.1 points, 10.8 rebounds, and shot 45% from the field. The Kings were going nowhere with Cousins as their best player, and it was very clear that Cousins wasn’t the happiest on the Kings.

The Kings traded Cousins to the Pelicans for Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, Buddy Hield, a 2017 first and second round pick. Cousins was traded during the all star break, the Pelicans went 11-14 after the trade, and missed the playoffs. The second year with the Pelicans, Cousins and Davis were in the playoff race with an impressive 26-21 record. Then disaster struck for Cousins as he tore his Achilles tendon. Before the injury Cousins was averaging an impressive 25.2 points, and 12.9 rebounds.

Cousins was going into free agency and this is when he turned into a ring chaser. The all star center claims that the Pelicans and nobody else in the league wanted him so he signed a one year deal with the Warriors for only 5.3 million a year. This was the last year with the Durant, Curry, Clay, and Draymond Warriors, and they added a 4 time all star. Cousins was coming off a serious injury and only averaged 16.3 points, and 8 rebounds for the Warriors. The ring chasing didn’t work as the Warriors lost to the Raptors in the finals.

Cousins didn’t come back to the Warriors and instead he chased a ring going to the Lakers. Cousins was reuniting with Anthony Davis, and teaming up with LeBron as the Lakers were one of the favorites to win the finals, which they did. But without Cousins. Before the season Cousins was working out in Las Vegas and tore his ACL. He didn’t play a minute with the Lakers that entire season, and was later dropped. He is still getting a ring though from the Lakers though so the ring chasing worked.

This begs the question where will DeMarcus Cousins go now? My first thought is the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets are missing big men, and it would make sense that he would join a super team with Kyrie, Durant, and Harden. Cousins has never been known to be a great defender, but the Nets need bodies. What better body than a 4 time all star who can still get buckets.

The Lakers have just released Quinn Cook. That release now opens up a roster spot, and puts the Lakers under the hard cap. The Lakers can’t sign Cousins right away, they need to wait until the 24th when the veteran minimum will dip low enough to fit in their cap.

I will be surprised if Cousins goes somewhere that’s not a contender. I just miss the old Cousins, and it’s too bad that he has been riddled with injuries. It seems as if the all star Cousins is gone, and all we can do now is watch old highlights.

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