Is Dua Lipa The New Queen Of Hotness?

Last night was the Grammy’s, and Dua Lipa was what everyone talked about on social media. Every couple of years, there’s a new woman that becomes the queen of hotness in Hollywood. When I was a preteen, it was Hayden Panettiere. She was the cheerleader in Heroes, and every 12 years old wanted to save the cheerleader, save the world.

A couple of years later, Transformers came out, and Hayden was knocked off her pedestal as Megan Fox came and stole the crown. Every teenager hoped that their car would break down, and Megan Fox would come out of the shadows and be their sexy mechanic.

It seemed as if Fox would keep the crown for years to come, but there was a new contender. She wasn’t an actress or a singer; instead, she was a model that graced us with one of the most iconic SI swimsuit covers ever.

The cycle goes on and on, and after tonight it seems like Dua Lipa might have the crown as she put everyone on Twitter in horny jail after her performance.

Dua Lipa ended the night going home with 3 Grammy’s including best pop vocal album. Not a big deal.

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