Is Stephen A. Smith Washed?

Every Twitter feed, TV channel, and sports-betting app seems to be overloaded with NFL content, obviously looking to capitalize on the worldwide excitement for opening weekend. But, it seems like the constant content creation is taking a severe toll on some sports media figures, including ESPN star Stephen A. Smith:

I get everyone makes mistakes, but good lord this clip is just downright atrocious. Sure, I would have some trouble thinking straight if Molly Qerim was talking to me too, but Stephen A. needs to be held to a higher standard. I hate to be the one to say it – but is Stephen A. washed? We’ve seen signs of this in years past, but maybe we just didn’t want to recognize a star like Stephen A. was slowly fading:

Personally, I think that SAS still has some gas left in the tank. But if he doesn’t, I honestly don’t know what the sports world would do without him. That man has singlehandedly created some of the greatest memes of all time, even to the point where someone built up a massive burner account in his honor:

Although he’s pushing 55, I hope we all will get to see more of Stephen A. for years to come. As long as he doesn’t start feeding ice-cold takes through SportsCenter every morning, I think it’s reasonable to say that future generations will get to witness the G.O.A.T. in action. Regardless, I think we should all cut Stephen A. some slack while we have still him and just enjoy the weekend of football ahead. Go Chargers (and maybe the Raiders too?).

Written by the godfather

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