Is The Mohawk The Worst Haircut Of All Time?

I’m trying to write and do my job simultaneously as the Knicks game is on. To say it’s hard to focus would be an understatement. There’s not enough Adderall in the world for me to hammer out these blogs. While watching Danilo Gallinari checked into the game, I was shocked to see what was on top of his head. Gallinari used to be a Knick and was a key veteran that Atlanta signed this offseason. I knew he was a Hawk, but I didn’t know that he cut his hair into a god damn mohawk.

There’s always that one kid who comes into the new school year rocking a damn Mohawk. They think it makes them look like more of a badass, but it’s never a good look. They think the addition of a Mohawk with their TapOut shirt is awesome. You’re not a UFC fighter or a punk rocker, you don’t know how to play an instrument, and your the friend who runs away when a bar fight breaks out.

The mullet has come back into style, but the Mohawk should stay dead. Most people who get a Mohawk do the shaved sides with a strip of hair down the middle. It makes your head look like a highway with a fucking divider in the middle.

Don’t be like Gallinari because you will never be as cool as Mr. T.

Written by Mailman Dave

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