Is There Anybody Worse To Get Into A Fight With Than Aaron Donald?

Today Aaron Donald was trending on Twitter, and I figured a video of his training had hit the internet. The internet is desperate for NFL news with the draft not being for another couple of weeks. Instead, it was a story of how Donald beat the shit out of a man, and he was filing charges against Donald.

There are over 7 billion people on this planet right now, and I would say that other than professional boxers and UFC fighters, Aaron Donald is a top 5 person I wouldn’t want to get into a fight with. Shit, at least with professional boxers and UFC Fighters don’t train with knives, Donald might jump them after watching this video.

There’s at least one friend who thinks that they are the biggest badass. They try to pick fights at the bar; they tell you that they could become a UFC fighter if they wanted to. That friend would get the same results as Spriggs did.

The reports say that Spriggs and Donald bumped into each other outside of a club. If you bump into a man that is the size of a Ford Fiesta, it’s best to say sorry and go about your night. There are no reports as to what was said after they bumped into each other, but Donald knocked the face off of a face.

P.S. can we please get the video of this fight? I know somebody had to be filming this. You’re depriving the internet.

Written by Mailman Dave

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