Is This Ice Crew Worker The Most Athletic Worker Known To Mankind?

I’ve watched this video half a dozen times. The way this man glides and twirls the bucket around with no effort is mind-numbing. He is toe gliding while shoveling ice off the ground as if he’s walking down the street. Then you throw in the 360 while dangling the bucket.

I’ve always said that the NBA workers who wipe the sweat off the floor have the best job in the world. They hop out, wipe some sweat off the ground, slide back under the basket, and they get to have front row seats while watching the game. They have thousand dollar seats, and they get paid for their couple of minutes of work. Maybe they have other shit to do, and their job actually sucks, but I think it’s the best job in the entire world.

After seeing the ice crew workers, they might take the number 1 seed for the best job in the world. Everybody always loves the Zamboni driver, and those guys are somehow always 60 with a huge smile on their faces. Maybe it’s just watching Happy Gilmore a thousand times, but that’s the Zamboni driver I always imagine.

You get the combination of having front row seats to every home game and the joy of ice skating after every period. These guys probably go out for tv timeouts, but they might work less than the NBA sweat wipers. And you’re just dealing with ice and not sweat and whatever other liquids are coming from NBA players. Anybody who has had a backyard ice rink knows that shoveling snow off the rink isn’t that bad. You can lace up your skates, put the shovel in front of you, and then let your momentum do all of the work. If you didn’t have boards, you could easily toss the snow up. If you did have to deal with boards, it sucks lifting it over.

Maybe it’s me just being home and barely moving from my chair and being exhausted after walking more than 10 feet that I’m jealous of these ice rink workers. Regardless I love these guys.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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