Is This The Correct Reaction After Getting Your Ass Whooped In 2K?

We have a tiny little desk fan being slammed against a wall and then a door. You can tell that he wants that chair to be tossed around the room, but the rocking chair won’t let him that satisfaction. I love that even though he’s playing a video game, he’s dressed for the part. You know that everybody in that dorm heard that screaming and maybe thought that somebody was getting some good fuckin. Nope somebody just lost in the worst game known to mankind.

I used to love 2K, but then it turned into a pay-to-win type of game. The mechanics turned to shit; everybody just played as their own character. Nobody was playing as teams anymore, and I don’t like playing in a playground where nobody passes you the ball.

Speaking of freakouts, I can’t write a blog about somebody flipping out on a video game and not put this video in.

There’s the classic I’m gonna run away and never come back, the strange going into the closet, and then the uncountable thrashing of the body. Either this kid is a certified psycho or the greatest actor of this generation.

Written by Mailman Dave

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