Italians All Over The World Went Ham After Italy Won Euros

People like myself who have never been to Italy are probably under 50% Italian and don’t speak a word of Italian partied after Italy won. I’m one of those assholes who pronounce mozzarella, ricotta, and cannoli like I’m 100% Italian because that’s how my grandpa says it, who is from Brooklyn. In my other blog talking about English fans, I ended it with VAI ITALIA, and it wasn’t only me who was rooting for Italy. Of course, you had the whole country of Italy, but Little Italy’s across the world partied like they were in Rome last night.

We have Toronto, the Bronx, Boston, and even Glasgow going crazy. I understand Little Italy’s in America, and I’m guessing Toronto’s Little Italy is crazy, but I don’t think there is Little Italy’s in Glasgow. That is just straight hatred. Do Scottish people start their morning with a viewing of Braveheart to get that hatred going early towards England? I don’t blame Scotland for hating England, and after seeing how, English fans acted after they lost, the entire world hates them. Fuck them. I love fans fighting each other, but jumping fans as they leave is such a bitch move.

If you thought that Little Italy went hard last night, it was nothing compared to what happened in Italy.

Written by Mailman Dave

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