It’s A Goddamn Shame We Can’t Get Blackout Drunk On Lake Tahoe To Watch The NHL Outdoor Games

Now that football is over I’m all in on the NHL, and NBA. Even though I do a NBA podcast I’ve started to fall in love with hockey. I come from the ultimate hockey town. I grew up going to the 1980 arena for fire drills. I’ve played hockey for years on frozen lakes, and backyard rinks, but never really watched the NHL much. That has all changed in the last year. I’m now glued to hockey games, and if it wasn’t for goddamn Covid I would be going to some hockey games this year.

The NHL every year has the Winter Classic that is played in some big city and in a stadium. It’s cool seeing the boys buzz around the rink while being outside, but it never truly feels like outside hockey. Most of the time Mother Nature is a bitch and it’s warm and there’s issues with the ice, or it’s raining and not the traditional icy, wintery scene. Well that has changed this year, because for the first time ever the NHL will play on Lake Tahoe.

Look at those majestic mountains, beautiful trees, and exciting wildlife. It’s only missing one thing… Crazy hockey fans being drunk off their ass while stumbling in the snow and screaming at the players. Because of Covid there will be no fans at this game, and that’s a goddamn shame. They are already building a rink to sit on the ice they could easily come up with some kind of arena sitting for fans. I can only imagine what kind of debauchery would happen in the great outdoors during this game. Fans whipping snow balls at players, and refs. Philly is playing in the first ever game at Lake Tahoe, and if Flyer fans travel to Lake Tahoe they would bring the same scumbag energy they do to Eagles games. Remember Philly fans were the ones that threw snowballs at Santa during an Eagles game.

As soon as stadiums really start to let fans in and not this bullshit 10 or 20 percent capacity. We just need to take that energy, and desire for debauchery to another level.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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