It’s A Sea Of Red And Black At The WGC Workday Championship

Tiger Woods is still hospitalized after his horrendous car accident, but if you were to turn on the tv today, you would think there’s a dozen of Tigers out on the course today. For more than 20 years, Tiger has worn his signature black pants, red shirt, and black hat on the Sunday of every tournament. In honor of Tiger and the legacy that he carries, golfers today are wearing the iconic outfit. From the best of the best to the random golfer who is hitting up his course this Sunday, they all were spotted wearing Tigers outfit.

The only that Tony Finau is missing is the 90s style sunglasses. It wasn’t only the golfers that were spotted wearing Tiger’s outfit. The entire grounds crew at the Puerto Open also dressed up. I’m afraid though, for Tiger, the Puerto Rico Open has been known to have a curse on golfers.

Hopefully, soon we will see the Big Cat out on the course wearing his iconic Sunday outfit competing for a tournament.

Written by Mailman Dave

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