It’s Offical Tiger Woods Video Game Golf Is Back

The GOAT is coming back to video games. Not only is Tiger the GOAT for golf, but he’s also the GOAT for video games. The EA Tiger Woods games are the best golf video games, and it’s not even close. They dominated the sports video games from 1999. It went Madden, and then Tiger Woods for video games in the early two-thousands. Sure the new 2K games are good, but nothing can compare to the Woods games. The last time an EA Tiger golf game was released was in 2013. They took a year off and released EA Sports Rory Mcllroy, but it wasn’t the same.

The 2K games are probably the best games for actual golf since Tiger Woods, but it was missing the game’s biggest stars. The only PGA star they had was Justin Thomas. I don’t care if Tiger is retired and hasn’t played golf in years. He deserves to be the cover of a golf video game.

This is coming a couple of months after Tiger experienced a horrible crash. It has been rumored if Tiger will ever make his back onto the course after both of his legs were badly injured. Well, regardless, we will have virtual Tiger for years to come.

Written by Mailman Dave

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