It’s Okay Dicky V My Drunk Ass Also Thought That Was Going In

It’s the first weekend of the Madness, which means getting day drunk as you watch basketball. I have the Knicks game on my TV, the Alabama game on my laptop, and the Michigan game on my iPad. A sober me would barely know what is happening. You add alcohol, and this is pure madness. Dicky V isn’t drunk, but at the age of 81, you’re permanently drunk.

The sound of Dicky V screaming that you can’t let them shoot the 3 makes me think that he thought that shot was good. I don’t blame him, so did I. If a ball hits the net like that, there needs to be a noise that lets you know it’s an airball, especially since there are players like Steph who shoot the 3 so good that the net barely moves.

This is not the powerhouse that Tennessee used to be. There’s a reason they are the 4th seed in the SEC tournament. It doesn’t matter how much star power they have when their coach doesn’t make adjustments in the 2nd half. Tennessee will make the bracket, but I don’t expect them to make much noise.

P.S. Tom Hart’s serious “airball” at the end of the clip has me dying laugh. Imagine having your co-host go crazy about a game-tying 3, and you know all along that it was an airball.

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