It’s Tequila Tuesday, not Valentine’s Day

For millions of Americans, today is about showing love and appreciation for your significant other, oftentimes in the form of physical gifts, and expensive dinners. For me, however, I will be drinking away my sorrows at the bar a few feet away from my apartment with my other single friends as I mourn the loss of the girl that got away with enough liquor and cheap tacos to kill a lesser man. Others will perhaps drink to drown out the memory of the girl they fumbled at the bar last weekend, the toxic ex, or are perhaps using this holiday to try to pick up heartbroken girls who are congregating at the same drinking establishment for similar reasons. Whatever the case may be, to all those who maybe haven’t found or lost the one they want to make cringe Instagram stories about, it’s going to be ok, everything happens for a reason, and everything will work out in the end. As cliche, as it sounds everything really, does happen for a reason, so drink up fellas and ladies, and enjoy the shitfaced camaraderie with your friends. Let’s get after it and have a great start to the week, it’s only up from here.

Written by GI Josh

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