I’ve Never Hated A Player More Than Trae Young

I started this blog about 3 different times last night. I had to keep deleting it and starting over. The mix of being drunk and the wound of being knocked out of the playoffs was too fresh. I had some time to think about it, and what I decided was I still fucking hate Trae Young.

I hate everything about him. I hate how he plays basketball. You’re not Steph Curry or Dame Lillard; watching you take 30-foot threes is only cool if you actually make them. He hunts for free throws as he led the league in free-throw attempts. He does the stupid lean into players if they jump, he flops around like a fish out of water, and he will scream at refs if he doesn’t get the call.

He’s a great shit talker, and I fucking hate him for it. If Trae was on the Knicks, I already know I would love him, but he’s not, so I fucking hate his guts. This entire series has been a masterclass in shit-talking. Trae can’t shit talk to the entire Garden, but he found a way by doing it with hand and body movement.

This started off the entire hatred. Trae Young kicked thousands of Knicks fans directly in the dick as he sealed the game 1 victory. That shhh was a fuck you to everybody, and it worked. That shh form was terrible; I understand getting caught up in the moment, but his finger was up to his eyes.

When I was watching this during game 2, I was screaming at my tv, that don’t worry, Trae, we will see you in the A and kick your ass there. Well, the Knicks got their ass beat in both games 3 and 4. So yeah…

I’m all for great chants, but spitting on somebody is such an asshole move. You spit at somebody, and you deserved to be punched directly in the face. Unless you’re fucking a girl who loves to be degraded, that’s the only time you should spit on somebody. One spit everybody knows the rules. It looks like Trae didn’t forget about the person spitting on him. When I first saw this, I thought he was spitting on the logo, and I was ready to pull a Boston fan and whip a water bottle at him. After I realized he was talking to somebody, the anger boiled down.

This was the nail in the coffin. Trae hit a deep 3, which put the Hawks up a shit ton with only a couple of minutes left. The fun playoff run was gone for the year, and Trae was letting all Knick fans know that he just fucked us up. Trae had this to say about his bow to the fans.

I fucking hate Trae Young, but I now also love him. Having a villain is great, and Trae has become public enemy #1. I hate every single Cowboy player in football, and I love the Knicks just as much as I love the Eagles, but I didn’t have a hatred for a team or player. The NBA is a player league, and fans tend to love a player more than a team. The Knicks are my favorite team, but I love watching dozens of other players. Well, now I have a team and player to hate. For as long as Trae Young is on the Hawks, I’m going to have hatred in my heart for that team.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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