Ja Morant Posts Cryptic Goodbye on Instagram

Ja Morant has recently been neck-and-neck with Jimmy Butler and Nikola Jokic for most talked about NBA players. You’d think this would be impossible as the other two are leading their teams to the NBA Finals, and LeBron James just said he might retire. But Ja is the most interesting hooper in the world right now. After posting a second video of him holding a gun, he sent out a series of now-deleted cryptic stories to his Instagram that appeared to be goodbye messages to his family.

The series of images included one picture each of Ja’s sister, mother, father, and daughter, along with a personal message for each. At the end of the series was an image of him being interviewed that included the word, “Bye.” For most people in the league, a series of posts like this would raise a ton of red flags. But Ja Morant has recently proven himself as the Kanye West of the NBA, so this just looks like a Wednesday morning for him. This guy once accused a teenager of trying to end his career because the kid threw a basketball at him. Just a bit dramatic if you ask me. 

Ja Morant’s fall from grace has been fascinating to watch. In just three short seasons in the NBA, he built a reputation for himself as one the league’s best young stars. One bad interview and a few Instagram stories later, Morant has dropped his character into the toilet. Does the guy not have friends who are around him to say something like, “Hey Ja, maybe don’t post that one.” I have my fair share of friends who leave something to be desired as far as brainpower goes, but I think even the most intellectually lacking wouldn’t let me post a gun video twice. 

Ja, let me run your Instagram account. I showed up to slightly more than half of my media classes and have a great strategy to control your image. Spoiler alert, your account is deleted, and I got you a flip phone. Now shut your mouth, and go work on your jump shot. 

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