Ja Morant Turns Down Visit From Lil Wayne

I didn’t think it was possible, but Ja Morant just became even more unlikable.

As he and the rest of the world await Adam Silver’s announcement on Ja’s punishment for flashing a gun on Instagram Live twice in three months, a wild storyline has developed from America’s most annoying sports commentator Skip Bayless. On his own podcast The Skip Bayless Show, Skip revealed that famous rapper Lil Wayne contacted him trying to link up with Morant in order to help provide some mentorship. Skip says that upon hearing from Wayne, he immediately reached out to Morant and never got a response back.

Wayne reportedly wanted to share his own experience with illegal firearms and prison time with Ja as a way to motivate him to stop acting like such a fake thug. Skip, who for some reason looks like he’s 80-something in the clip, even said that Wayne would have been willing to fly out to Morant that night. However, in classic Ja fashion, he was too proud to accept Wayne’s offer or even respond to Bayless for that matter.

Look, I don’t blame Morant for not wanting to text with Skip. That guy sucks. But not taking the opportunity to meet with one of the greatest rappers of our generation is completely bewildering and flat-out stupid. Wayne has more experience with guns, jail time, and the streets than Morant could even imagine. He went to prison for an illegal firearms charge in 2010, and upon his release Wayne recounted he had “seen a lot of spirits get broken in this hell hole” and that he “[didn’t] wish jail on anybody.” It’s that mentality that pushed him to want to help Ja.

Due to his lack of response to Skip, Morant will now deal with his punishment and actions alone (and by alone I mean probably cuddled up next to his daddy in bed). He fully deserves everything that is coming to him. Morant has not shown a sign of remorse for any of his actions or attempted even the slightest bit of personal growth. He has now rejected help from one of the most prominent people on this face of the earth and I sincerely hope that comes back to bite him.

If it were me, I would have taken the chance to meet with Weezy just for a cool photo alone. As someone who clearly loves to show off on social media, a flick with the founder of Young Money would have gone absolutely crazy on Ja’s Insta. Plus, his advice would’ve probably been some sick bar like “real Gs move in silence like lasagna.” Yet instead, Morant will sit back and wait to hear how long his suspension will be for the upcoming season. Here’s to hoping it’s the entire season.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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