Jackson Mahomes Arrested for Sexual Battery

I hate the Mahomes family, and I’m convinced they might hate me. As an Eagles fan, I’m still not over the Super Bowl. But now as I try to enjoy my offseason free of the name Mahomes popping up on my timeline, Jackson decided that he hadn’t reminded the world how insufferable he is in a while. This entitled, no talent, lanky excuse for a brother of the most gifted football player alive sexually assaulted the owner of a bar back in February and got himself arrested. 

There’s a video of the incident in question where Mahomes (I’m going to exclusively refer to him using his last name to drag down the whole family while I’m at it) stands by a woman, grabs her face, and tries to kiss her several times. She repeatedly tries to get him to stop, and he goes in several more times. Here’s the video if you want to watch it. 

It’s a really bad look for Mahomes who already has a reputation for being a spoiled clown who does whatever he wants. He and his lawyer are claiming that he did nothing wrong, and stating that they have evidence refuting the claims of the victim. I’m no lawyer so maybe I have no ground to stand on when giving legal criticism. But Jesus Christ has the man seen the video? Jackson Mahomes is a piece of human garbage, and he’s guilty of what he’s been accused of. Anyone with eyes and the ability to form sentences can see it. He should be arrested, and he shouldn’t be able to get out of this because his brother has enough money to build a two-story fort out of hundred dollar bills. 

I hope this is finally enough to take this guy out of the spotlight. He’s never going to change. He doubled down on his decision to dance on Shawn Taylor’s spot on the field during his memorial game. He probably thinks he did nothing wrong to this poor woman. And he won’t think the next bad thing he does will be his fault either. Don’t cancel him. He’ll just keep living off of his brother. Everyone who can should go out of their way to constantly remind him how terrible he is. And if you pass him on the street grab him and try to kiss him. Karma is a Britney Mahomes. 

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