Jake Paul is Fighting Anderson Silva??

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JULY 12: Jake Paul answers questions from the media during a press conference at Madison Square Garden on July 12, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

If you told me this exact sentence 4 years ago, I would’ve laughed in your face. Anderson Silva is one of the best MMA fighters to step foot in the octagon. Period. He holds the record for the longest UFC title reign in history, being 2,457 days. That’s over six and a half years! Granted, he’s retired now, but he’s gonna box Jake Paul now!

Jake Paul talking his shit, as he does regularly…

Personally, I’m not a huge Jake Paul guy. I’ll give it to him, he’s become a good boxer, but he’s SO arrogant. He’s not the good kind of arrogant though. Connor McGregor is the perfect example of good arrogance. Dude is a badass, and everyone knows it! Jake Paul is like the human equivalent of when you’ve been wiping your ass for thirty minutes and you’re still getting brown streaks. He’s really annoying and very prevalent every once in a while! He also only chooses to fight older, retired MMA fighters in the boxing ring? Maybe man up a little? You’re twenty five, nearing your peak of physical ability, and you’re choosing to fight senior citizens.

this pic is fucking hilarious lol

I think he forgets sometimes that he used to have a show on Disney Channel… and then they CANCELED THAT SHIT! HAHAHAHA! Granted, I am a notorious hater and he is succeeding a ton now, but I’ll continue to hate. He’s yet to fight a genuine opponent, similar in age that is, along with experience in the ring. I give him 2 rounds MAX in the ring with someone like Ryan Garcia… kid throws punches so fast, cameras can’t pick it up, it’s insane. Jake Paul is yet to lose a “professional” boxing match, but I go to sleep happy every night knowing that day will come soon…

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