Jalen Carter is the Best Football Player Alive

The Eagles are 3-0. For some of us, this is pretty big news. Basically every single Eagles fan had high hopes for this season, but Super Bowl hangovers are real. The Eagles avoiding one and remaining undefeated is an undeniably great start to the season. One person Philadelphia can thank for this hot start, is Jalen Carter. 

Jalen Carter should’ve been the first pick in the draft, or at the very least, the first non-quarterback taken. Instead, Carter was picked ninth by the Eagles. Despite the fact that Carter was clearly the best non-quarterback in this draft, the rest of the league allowed the Eagles to add him to an already lethal defensive line.

Jalen Carter’s first two games in midnight green were good. Last night was entirely different. Every time he was on the field, he was the best player. He had two half sacks, a forced fumble, and wrecked the Bucs defensive line in their own territory for a safety. He bullied Tampa Bay’s offensive line all night.

Jalen Carter’s game won’t get this much attention from the national media. Unlike me, they aren’t salivating at the idea of him being the best defensive lineman in the world in two years. They should at least be pondering the thought, though. This level of talent in a city this unbearable about sports should be something people are taking note of. 

Now that Jalen Carter has enough produced enough film for me to endlessly sing his praise, I want to bring up two points. First of all, so many people wanted his career to be derailed due to an incident that he was not at all responsible for. Shame on you people. Second, and more importantly, Cowboys fans convinced themselves that Mazi Smith is better than him. If you don’t know who Mazi Smith is, my point has already been proven. 

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