Jamie Foxx Didn’t Die, So Here’s a List of Movies he Could Make Better

Jamie Foxx recently posted to Instagram to give an update about his health after spending three weeks with an undisclosed medical complication. His family announced his admission to the hospital on April 12. Since then, there were several updates stating that he was in serious condition and that he needed all the help he could get. Today we can finally breathe knowing that Foxx is going to be ok.

Losing Jamie Foxx would have hurt almost as much as losing my dog would’ve. The guy is too talented and charming for his career to be ended this early. Everyone has a favorite Jamie Foxx role. At the very least, you like him for providing the intro to “Gold Digger” when being associated with Kanye West was a good thing. I personally like him as the pretend crime expert, Motherf**ker Jones in Horrible Bosses

He truly does make any movie better. To prove this point, here are some movies that would’ve been improved by adding Jamie Foxx as Motherf**ker Jones: 

He could’ve been slid right into the mix with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in Step Brothers. If they wanted to add some creative differences between the plot of the movie and the real-life events, he could’ve helped create Facebook in The Social Network. Imagine him teaching Natalie Portman how to perfect her ballet moves in Black Swan. To me, these are all just examples of how Jamie Foxx can make anything better.

Get well Jamie. But take your time. No one’s writing anything for you to do right now anyway. 

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