Janelle Monae Flashed Her Fans at a Concert

Most of the time I see someone trending on Twitter, the reason isn’t nearly as fun as it was today. Janelle Monae was performing a concert at what appeared to be a small venue, and in the middle of the performance she pulled up her shirt and flashed the audience. The video is going all around Twitter, and if you want to see it, you can click here

It looks like Janelle Monae is enjoying the absolute hell out of her life, and she seems content sharing it with the internet horn balls like myself. The video starts with her dancing in front of a very engaged crowd, and with the confidence of my eighth-grade self pulling up for a thirty-foot game winner, she pulls her shirt up for the entire crowd. This isn’t like a fun, mess-with-your-friends type of flash, but more of a, “you’re welcome” flash. The video is dripping with confidence, and the added bonus is seeing a pair of bare breasts. 

To be honest, I was very late on the Janelle Monae hype train. I recently heard the song, “We Are Young” by Fun ft. Janelle Monae, and asked my friend, “The girl from Glass Onion is on this song?” Apparently, I was selling Janelle Monae very short. After watching the hyperlinked video for about four minutes while aggressively scratching my inner thigh, I did a little bit of research and found out that Janelle Monae has a combination of talent and confidence that is currently only matched by Shohei Ohtani. And again, Monae lets everyone see her breasts.

I hope Janelle Monae continues having as much fun as she currently is. She deserves to be on top of the world, and she might as well flash everyone while she’s up there. 

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