Japan to Change Legal Age of Consent, Previously 13-Years-Old…

As reported by ABC News, Japan has decided to increase its legal age of sexual consent from thirteen to sixteen years old. Now, I’m fully aware that cultures around the world might have drastically different laws and norms than we do here in the United States, but I think the real story here is that Japan’s legal age of consent was thirteen years old for an extended period of time. Before I saw this Tweet, I had no idea that the age of consent in Japan was that low. I guess it explains all of the weird underage hentai that kids would watch on their middle-school-issued laptops growing up, but it still feels incredibly wrong to me. 

Although Japan is definitely taking a step in the right direction with this new legislation, sixteen-years-old still seems to be a little young in my opinion. I mean, it’s not like any sixteen-year-old boy is gonna pass up on an opportunity to get his willy wet, but at least make an attempt to prevent kids from spending $50 on Plan B every Friday night. 

While I won’t pretend I know anything about Japanese culture, I’m pretty confident that I now know why all those greasy Discord mods love it so much: they like ‘em young. I hate to be the one to say it, but is it really a coincidence that every person you know who consistently watches anime and uses Reddit also remain incredibly secretive about their love lives? You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the weaboos of our world are just downright creepy.

Written by the godfather

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