Jimmy Butler Have My Children

After watching my hometown Miami Heat take a 3-1 lead over the #1 seed Milwaukee Bucks, I can confidently say that Jimmy Butler is Michael Jordan’s long lost son.

In case you missed the game of the year last night, Himmy Butler put on one of the greatest Heat playoff performances of all time. In a comeback 119-114 win, Butler scored a Heat playoff record 56 points on 68% shooting, nailing 3 (almost 4) three pointers.

The fact that the Heat are leading 3-1 is insane. With or without Giannis, this Bucks team is legit. The Heat are absolutely nothing without Jimmy. Bam is an excellent defender and we have some guys that can hit some threes, but outside of that we are garbage. The Heat had five undrafted players see the court last night. That’s a whole starting lineup of dudes the rest of the NBA deemed “not good enough.” Is that great scouting from Miami? Sure, but without Jimmy this team would look more like a bunch of managers than a basketball team.

I don’t mean to shit on The Heat. I’m just a grumpy fan that likes to complain more than cheer. We’ve been phenomenal so far in this series. I just really want people to realize what Jimmy is doing out there. The past four seasons he has made a team that looks like it should be playing at LA Fitness championship contenders. Butler can get a bucket whenever he feels like it — it just seems as long as it’s not that playoffs, he doesn’t feel like it.

I know this isn’t breaking news that Jimmy is a different beast in the playoffs, but I would go as far to say that Playoff Jimmy is a top 5 player in the NBA. The only people I’d take over him are Giannis, Curry, and LeBron (sorry, but I’ll admit I dickride LeKing). I’d take Jimmy over Durant (fraud), Kawhi (doesn’t play), Luka (depressed), and Tatum (the choke is coming).

Butler is the definition of a dawg. He’s a superhuman athlete, underratedly hilarious, and claps the fucks out of Rachel’s Nichols. This is Jimmy’s world and we are lucky enough to be living in it. He is our new Dwyane Wade, and while I can’t ever say I love someone more than Wade County, Jimmy sure is trying to tempt me.

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Written by Alex Becker

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