Jon Taffer Crushes Bud Light Over Marketing Nightmare

Jon Taffer did an interview about Bud Light’s catastrophic marketing efforts in the past few months. It was strange to see the Bar Rescue host so calm when talking about a business that is struggling to sell alcohol. But Taffer clearly is the expert in this field. He laid out the specific ways that Bud Light was struggling due to their recent marketing concerns in a way that I couldn’t fully grasp. Unsurprisingly, Bud Light’s numbers have taken a hit in the past few months. Taffer seems to think this pace is unsustainable for them. 

I love Bar Rescue. Jon Taffer is in the same tier as Gordon Ramsay as far as television hot heads. If he is telling you that you messed up, don’t argue. I love seeing Bud Light in this situation. They decided to attack frat culture that has kept them so successful, and used trans actor Dylan Mulvaney to attempt to grab the woke audience. It seems everyone hated the obvious pandering, as both sides have seemingly stopped drinking their beer. Taffer seems annoyed that they would leave something so successful, and is pleading for them to go back. 

It’s nice of Taffer to care about a beer company that a ton of people have written off. He talks about their lack of orders, shelf space, and a bunch of other fancy business terms. He’s the only one who cares, so I think he should go to Anheuser Busch and do a two-hour long Bar Rescue episode. I’ll even volunteer to be the person who goes in for recon and sees how bad the company looks. This is a win-win for everyone. We’re all entertained by Jon Taffer going on a tirade about selling beer. And Bud Light’s marketing team has to accept their lack of awareness. They have shown that they are going to screw up their marketing regardless of what they do, but this will still make for some excellent television. 

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