Jorge Masivdal Loses $100K on Dustin Poirier Bet

This past weekend at UFC 291, Dustin Poirier was upset by Justin Gaethje in stunning fashion after being knocked out by a brutal head kick in the second round. However, the real loss this weekend didn’t take place in the cage:

I’d assume that Jorge Masvidal has made a decent amount of money throughout his career, but not that much money. I mean, the guy is throwing around cash like he’s Drake. If you’re looking to show support for a fellow fighter, maybe just give him a shout-out on Twitter. I’m sure Masvidal’s bookie appreciated the donation, but I’m pretty confident that Poirier doesn’t care at all that Jorge dropped $100K on him to win. After this loss, we might be seeing Masvidal come out of retirement to recover the bag. 

While I’m a broke college student who is nowhere near being financially independent, I still can’t comprehend gambling $100K on a single fight. I get nervous when I throw five bucks on an NFL parlay – I couldn’t imagine betting away two years of college tuition or 363,196 fruit roll-ups (this is just how my brain works, don’t judge me). I’d love to be a fly on the wall wherever Masvidal was watching that vicious knockout. Personally, I would probably be more upset over losing that much money on a bet than my future wife having a miscarriage. That might sound crazy, but you’ve also never lost a hundred grand on a single wager. 

If we can take away anything from this situation, I think it would be to not bet large sums of money on a slight favorite in a UFC fight. Additionally, if you think you’re Drake, you’re not. There’s only one real Drizzy – so don’t try and gamble like him.

Written by the godfather

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