Jorge Masvidal’s Father Arrested For Attempted Murder

Jorge Masvidal’s father is going to jail and no one is really quite sure why. Well, according to the cops it’s for “second degree attempted murder.” Whatever that means.

Jorge Masvidal Fernandez, father of famous UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal (I too am confused how his father’s middle name became his last name, but let’s just go with it), was arrested Thursday after shooting a man inside the home of his famous son.

Fernandez allegedly shot Luis Lencioni multiple times, including a shot in each of his arms, before police arrived at the scene. While Fernandez opted for his fifth amendment right to stay silent, Lencioni told police the incident began as a “verbal dispute” which soon escalated into Fernandez pulling out a 38-caliber pistol.

Jorge Masvidal was not present at the scene and has not yet made any comments on the incident.

It is extremely unclear what transpired and led up to the shooting. There is no insight to the relationship between Fernandez and Lencioni, but one could assume they probably aren’t best friends. Well, at least now they aren’t. 

Though the police report does not tell of any motivation for the shooting, a couple things come to my mind. First of all, though not explicitly his own property, you’d have to imagine that Fernandez was expected to be on property, at least by his son. The same can’t be said for Lencioni. Trespassing dispute, perhaps?

Furthermore, I think an attempted murder charge seems pretty hefty. I don’t know Mr. Masvidal Fernandez personally, but judging from his son’s fighting in the octagon and his own careful placement of a bullet in each of Lencioni’s arms, I think it’s reasonable to assume that if Fernandez wanted to kill Lencioni, he would’ve.

I know that kinda sounds like I’m backing up Fernandez. I’m not, I promise. Obviously shooting people is bad and we shouldn’t condone it, but to call this guy an attempted murderer seems like a lot. I at least think we need to hear the full story. 

I’m sure more details will come out soon, as will Fernandez himself when his millionaire son is forced to pay thousands of dollars worth of bail.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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