Jose Canseco Took A Dive Cause He Is The Biggest Piece Of Shit Known To Mankind

As anybody that follows Barstool knows Jose Canseco fought Billy Football tonight in Rough N Rowdy 13. A little back story for those who don’t know a couple of years ago Big Cat called out Jose Canseco to fight him. I don’t know why it took years for Jose’s steroid mushed mind to hear about Big Cat calling him out, but a couple of months ago Jose called out Big Cat, and all of Barstool. Instead of Big Cat fighting he picked Billy to be his champion.

Here’s just a short list as to why Joe Canseco is the biggest piece of shit known to mankind before we even get to his shitty performance tonight.

  • Snitched on the entire baseball world in his book “Juiced”
  • November 1997 hit his wife
  • October 2001 Jose and his brother Ozzie fought two tourists in Miami both were arrested for battery
  • March 2003 missed a court appearance for custody dispute over his 6 year old son
  • June 2003 arrested for using steroids while on probation
  • May 2008 revealed he had lost his home to foreclosure and that his divorces cost him $7 to $8 million each
  • October 10th 2008 was detained by immigration after he tried to bring over a fertility drug from Mexico
  • May 22 2013 was named a suspect in a rape allegation that happened in Las Vegas

Before the fight Jose was talking all of the shit to everybody on twitter. He was the definition of a keyboard warrior.

Then the fight happened I hope that nobody had to take a piss, or grab a beer before the fight.

Now from the beginning it was clear that Jose is an old fuck who’s body has failed him after the years of steroids. Him getting in the ring was hard to look at. After the fight Jose showed his true colors and what a scumbag he really is. Not only did he not train for this fight at all, but he knew he had a “fucked up” shoulder for months and still took the fight.

This piece of shit could care less about the fans as he has forever. He knew he was going to have a bad fight, and did it anyway because he is a broke ass bitch. This is nothing new as Jose has conned his fans pay into paying thousands of dollars for a meet and greet and his bum ass stayed home while his loser brother Ozzie showed up instead.

Jose was and always will be a piece of shit. Congrats Billy.

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