Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld Seen Kissing on Vacation

Josh Allen is enjoying the end of his offseason. The star quarterback was recently spotted on vacation in Mexico with his new girlfriend, Hailee Steinfeld. The two have reportedly been dating for a while, and these pictures have seemingly confirmed the connection between the two beautiful young stars.

Rumors of the connection between the two came up very soon after the breakup between Allen and his childhood girlfriend. As these pictures come to the internet, I can’t help but wonder how brutal this has to be for her. Imagine dating someone for their entire sexual career. You follow them along their journey from a farm in Wyoming to the cover of Sports Illustrated. Your relationship survives the first signing bonus, and the contract extension. As you think you are set for life romantically and financially. Then your significant other is seen sucking face with one of the new faces of the MCU.

This is a couple I can get behind. Allen is still miles behind Patrick Mahomes on the football field. Despite all of his highlights, this is simply a fact until Josh Allen accomplishes something with a pigskin in January. This might close the gap between the two overall, though. Steinfeld has been a great actress since she was twelve. She doesn’t force any unwanted headlines onto our feed like many other people in her industry. And maybe the best part about Hailee Steinfeld, is she is not Brittany Mahomes. 

Good for Josh Allen. His biggest weakness might not have been on the field this whole time. We all remember how much better he got after Stefon Diggs was added to the Bills. Maybe Steinfeld is the Stefon Diggs he needed in his personal life. 

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