Josh Hart Drank Breast Milk

Professional athletes tend to have weird dietary habits to get massive amounts of protein into their bodies. Josh Hart took it to a whole new level by sampling his wife’s breast milk. The reason we know this information, is because Josh Hart told us about it. Naturally, the sports world was fascinated by this information, and many people shared their thoughts about the situation. Read some of the replies, they are pretty incredible.

Jalen Brunson replied, telling Hart to delete his number. Many other NBA players shared his sentiment, and described him as the monster he is. Other people, like Dan Orlovsky, came to his support and shared they have also done the same thing. I personally don’t care if half of the fathers in the world come out and say they’ve done this. That just means that every single one of them is a heinous creature who would be better off dwelling around in a sewer somewhere. I’d really thought Dan Orlovsky had been dunked on by the internet enough to stop giving people free ammo, but here we are. 

This feels like the thing that would tear apart a professional locker room. Hart is going to miss one free throw next year before Madison Square Garden starts chanting, “Ti-tty-milk, ti-tty-milk.” Imagine being another Knicks player and having to answer for your starting shoot guard and his reputation as a guy who drinks human milk. New York sports fans always need outlets for their anger, and this will surely be one of them. Even if I’m wrong, and New York embraces him and the consumption of breast milk by grown adults, that doesn’t sound much better. Even if Josh Hart wins the next four Finals MVPs, the story of his career has already been written. He’s the titty leche guy.

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