Kanye and Ice Cube: Anti-Antisemitic

Kanye West and Ice Cube were recently spotted together, hugging and smiling after a feud revolving around Kanye’s antisemitic thoughts. Seven months ago, West made a claim that Ice Cube was the one that turned him onto antisemitism. Ice Cube, being the rational person that he is, denied the claims and entirely separated himself from Ye’s opinions. Since then, Kanye has backtracked these thoughts, and the two appear to be on good terms, agreeing about anti-antisemitism. 

I must start out by pointing out the hilarity in saying that someone turned you onto antisemitism. When I heard that, I imagined their interaction going something like this:

CUBE: Hey Kanye, have you heard of this new thing called antisemitism?

WEST: No, Ice, tell me more.

CUBE: So basically, it’s this thought process where you hate Jewish people, and blame them for all of your problems.

WEST: Wow, that sounds really good to me. I’ll have to check that out.

CUBE: Hey man, remember to check yourself before you wreck yourself. 

What a ridiculous idea. I want to know what made Kanye blame this on Ice Cube, because there is simply no way that this conversation ever took place. Yes, I took some creative liberties with the dialogue. But what’s even further off is how people simply don’t suggest hatred toward a specific group as if it is a Netflix show. Imagine how confused Ice Cube probably was when he heard about this.

Aside from the fact that it appeared to be overtly positive, the details of the interaction are unknown. Maybe West apologized. I think it’s more likely that Ice Cube’s involvement in 21 Jump Street acted as an olive branch between the two. Maybe Ice Cube even set up a meeting between Kanye and Jonah Hill for them to really bring his understanding full circle. I don’t really know what to make of this interaction. Perhaps it’s just two friends celebrating their mutual tolerance for Jewish people. I seriously doubt this was the case though.  

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