KD Can We Be Best Friends?

Love or hate KD, him on social media is amazing. He was caught having burners and gassing himself up. Which I guarantee most athletes use. Instead of living by burners, he has gone at people with his actual accounts. And I love every second of it. Rapaport has been trending on Twitter after Dave Portnoy released this video.

The only thing that I know about Rapaport is that he is the annoying Boston guy in every movie that gets killed within the first 45 minutes of a movie. Or his annoying ass rants that make their way onto Worldstars Instagram.

Rapaport seems like the type of person who can dish it but can’t take it. He’s the type of friend who will call you out for wearing a weird shirt, but the second you say something about his outfit, he’s ready to cry. Or would respond with you don’t know fashion and get all butthurt for the rest of the day. Nobody likes these types of people, and neither does KD.

This is internet gold, and then Rapaport went and exposed his DM’s for the entire internet to see. Which has to be the biggest bitch move in history. When you thought the drama was over, but wait, there’s more.

How the hell can you call Durant a bald head rotten ass worm when Durant is one of the greatest scorers of all time. If you’re going to call him anything, call him a snake. That’s what every internet troll, including myself, calls him. The difference is the only reason I’m mad at Durant is that I’m a fan and prayed that Durant came to the Knicks.

This is what Rapaport dreams of. He probably is showing these DM’s to his wife and saying, I’m going to be trending cause of this, maybe people will actually listen to my podcast now, and maybe I’ll be in ten more D movie’s this summer.

Written by Mailman Dave

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