Keeping Up with the Quarterbacks

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI - APRIL 27: (L-R) Bryce Young poses with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after being selected first overall by the Carolina Panthers during the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft at Union Station on April 27, 2023 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

It is OTA season and that means we get old white men that went to Northwestern to study journalism tweeting out takes about their team’s first-round picks. Along with the first round picks, you get the videos of QB’s in new homes. Every year you hear about guys who are absolutely shitting the bed in camp and guys who could be “dark horses” to make the rosters. If your team sucks, this is a great time of year. I would equate it to seeing presents underneath the tree for a month and then you’re finally able to open and play with them. Except “playing with them” in this case is one slow-motion video posted from your team’s Twitter account with the caption, “This is gonna be fun 😈“. Either way, it is amazing to watch.

Bryce Young: This is exactly the type of tweet I am talking about.

“Reportedly very impressive”. God damnit, I hope so. He was the first overall pick. They’re practicing in helmets only, against no defense. My drunk uncle and I look impressive on Thanksgiving, passing the pigskin in the backyard. I don’t mean to sound like a hater, but if you look like ass in OTA’s, you probably shouldn’t be playing in the NFL.

CJ Stroud: Another perfect example!

5-yard out-route to the running back and people are saying he is going to be the best QB in Texans history. To be fair, he doesn’t have big shoes to fill. As long as he takes them to the playoffs a couple of times and then doesn’t get weird massages from like 120 different masseuses, he will be on his way to that title.

Anthony Richardson: This is the type of content I wanna see from my QB1.

All the rookie content that is put out is always memeable and I love it. The video of Baker Mayfield hitting the “woah” was sent out on Twitter and Instagram every time he threw an interception. This will 100% come back and bite Anthony Richardson in the ass, but that’s what you get for being an NFL Pro.

Aaron Rodgers: New home and this could go one of two ways. Super Bowl or he is the most hated player in New York.

Derek Carr: New logo on the side of his helmet and he is still going to be ass

Written by TFM Stelly

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