Kevin Du-Can’t get Traded

I’m not gonna say I told you so, but I absolutely told you so. Kevin Durant is staying a Net and the population of Montana is surprised. Which is no one. And if you say you’re from Montana you’re absolutely lying.

If you choose to ignore the NBA, which if you do why are you reading this, then you don’t know this but news broke earlier today that Kevin Durant is going to be stuck on the Nets roster. Ha. In my humble Bostonian opinion, this is incredibly deserved. The Nets were supposed to be Kevin and Kyrie’s chance to prove they could win it by themselves. Their chance to not be in another person’s shadow. And yet after showing that he was committed to the Brooklyn project by signing an absolutely mega contract for 198 million dollars and four years, Kevin tries to leave. I mean to be fair I’d try and dip too if one of the cornerstones of my franchise was the Australian brick machine. 

To be honest though, more than anything I am hopeful to see a full Brooklyn Nets roster where this Kyrie and Kevin experience is real. Because as much as I dislike these guys as players and people, as a basketball fan this team-up would be epic. And no more of this halfsy b.s. where Kevin is out for a full season, and Kyrie decides to not play half the games. I want the full Brooklyn Nets roster because I have been waiting years to see this.

And lastly, Kevin at least owes it to the fans of Brooklyn to see this out. I knew he was spineless but if he had dipped to team up with more stars elsewhere then he might as well be a snail. He has made every decision for this franchise and his creation failed and he wants to abandon it? That’s not how life works man. You created this, so you have to see it out, end of story.

(and most of all I’m excited that the Brooklyn drama isn’t done yet for totally unselfish, non-article material-related reasons).

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Written by Warren Loukota


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