Kevin Hart Tears Abs Racing NFL Running Back

I can never tell if Kevin Hart’s extreme level of competitiveness is a joke or not. Hart is always threatening The Rock. He tied Draymond Green in a three-point contest. Most recently, he tried racing former NFL running back Stevan Ridley, and tore several muscles in his core. 

Kevin Hart just got a nice reminder that he is a veteran in the industry. I’d say, old, but my dad has ten years on him, and I don’t feel like explaining to him that middle-aged is now considered old. Hart should’ve never tried racing anyone. He should’ve trusted his comedic instincts, and made a joke to deflect. Some low hanging fruit about Tom Brady carrying Ridley’s whole career would’ve sufficed. 

I like Kevin Hart. I do. He’s an Eagles fan, and his scene from The 40 Year Old Virgin is still ten-out-of-ten funny. That being said, it’s really funny watching celebrities get hurt. Tom Segura can talk about his traumatic basketball injury all day. Watching a grown man fall like a Family Guy character for overestimating his athletic abilities will always be funny, though. I wish Hart gave us a video like that instead of his analysis on the events. 

In Hart’s wheelchair press conference, he remained in high spirits while explaining his injuries. He said he tore a muscle in his lower abdomen, and both adductors (spelled that right on my first try, by the way). It sounds like these injuries would keep a pro athlete off the field for a while, so Hart is likely wheelchair bound for the foreseeable future.

I’d like to see some good come out of this. Who says no to a Friday Night Lights spinoff where Tim Riggins’ wheelchair basketball league is joined by none other than Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. I think it’s the only possible way to turn this injury into a positive. 

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