Kevin Spacey is Being Compared to His Seven Character

During his recent trial for sexual assault, Kevin Spacey was compared to his character in the movie Seven. I will start off by addressing the fact that the movie is called, “Se7en” which is impractical and ridiculous. I once looked for this movie when I was young and was unable to find it as a result of this abomination of a title. That being said, Kevin Spacey plays a horrific serial killer in that film, so it’s not a great comparison for the actor. 

In his trial, one of his victims compared his predatory behavior to this famous John Doe character. Spacey has faced many sexual assault accusations, so it doesn’t seem too far off to compare him to a top-tier fictitious murderer. My issue with this, is that it gives Spacey way too much credit. If you pay attention to Seven, you will realize that the last day of Spacey’s life in that movie is one of the most incredible criminal performances of all time. The man committed three murders, hit a dry cleaner, and then planned a perfect delivery of his final act. Netflix glorifies serial killers, but never as much as David Fincher did in this one. 

It’s a shame that Kevin Spacey is being exposed as a creep. Let me rephrase that. It is a shame that Kevin Spacey is a creep. I’m not saying we should turn our heads and let him get handfuls of whoever he wants. But I am saying his absence in Hollywood is still felt to this day. I bonded with a teacher in high school about Kevin Spacey movies. And unfortunately for him, that sentence now might make him sound like he was a little too friendly with me. 

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