Key Takeaways From the MLB Games So Far

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 08: Steven Duggar #6 (left) and Joc Pederson #23 of the San Francisco Giants walk into the dugout in between innings of their opening day game against the Miami Marlins at Oracle Park on April 08, 2022 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The World Series Hangover is Real- The Phillies’ season has started off insanely poorly. They got swept by the newly renovated Rangers roster where their bullpen and starters were having a tough weekend. The Phillies are the only team with a 0 in their win column. They face off against the second-place New York Yankees. Seems like no big deal considering it’s very early in the 162-game season, but they’re in a very tough division with the Atlanta Braves and New York Mets. They were able to scoop a wild card spot with the new playoff format last year which ended paying off well with a world series entry. In the end, this isn’t how Philly fans or anyone else expected the Phillies to start out the year. Especially after their offseason upgrading the bullpen and shortstop position which seemed to be their weak spot last year in clutch moments. It will be interesting to see how the rest of their season pans out.

The Giants Could Have Potential- Even though they lost their series against the Yankees, they did steal a win against them and another one against the White Sox yesterday. In both of those wins, they clubbed 10 homers, 7 in yesterday’s contest. Michael Conforto and Thairo Estrada went back-to-back and Mike Yastrzemski and David Vallar also went back-to-back all in the 5th inning. They proved that they can display some power in their lineup that was highly questioned before the season started. For a team that has had a pitching-heavy team for years now, maybe this could be the year they shut the analysts up.

The Mets Bullpen is Surprisingly good- With the huge loss of Edwin Diaz for the remainder of the year, people had some questions about how they would still hold up. Drew Smith and David Robertson being one of the huge guys to rely on and were absolutely nails over the weekend. With a bullpen that had a lot of questions prior to the season, it was a surprise to see them shove as they did. Even though they did play the Miami Marlins and let’s be honest, they suck ass, it is a big boost in the morale of the bullpen. I bet they still make a trade or something and ship off the struggling Eduardo Escobar and pick up some more bullpen help. There can always be bullpen help for any team and I guarantee they make a move for someone.

Written by Danny Serrano

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