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Kicked Out Of My Sorority Over Texts To A Guy

Here is the story of personally being victimized by greek life…

It was my bid day. My dreams had finally come true, I had 541 new sisters and, more importantly, 541 new Instagram followers. 

We show up at the sorority’s mansion to spend bid day together and grow our sisterhood. Love it. Some fellow pledges ask me to go to the bathroom. Of course, these sweet new sisters of mine are taking shots. 

Here is the secret of sorority life – you can do anything you want to, as long as you don’t get caught, and you have leverage with your house. As a recruit, I have no leverage. But say I was a senior legacy or the most popular girl in school, I could commit murder. Ridiculous, I know. It kind of sounds like politics in the United States though. So you can’t blame it on catty girls, can you?

Anyways, I grew up in a strict household and didn’t drink at all growing up. So I was the first to show signs of tipsiness. My Bid Day Buddy, an older classman who I’m paired with to spend the day, was super sweet, but boring. I was ready to party come 2:30 pm. I asked her if any parties were going on tonight. She, judgmentally, told me about a frat party. 

I was elated. FINALLY. Sororities have a “no booze, no boys” rule during recruitment. I haven’t even met any guys at school yet. I, and the other fishies, are already getting ready. Aware that there is no time between the end of our bid day festivities and the frat party, we start to braid each other’s hair, share deodorant, and plan out our outfits. I needed to look like 2007 Jessica Alba, mixed with 2015 Margot Robbie.

Cut to – the frat party. I had seen this boy on campus multiple times. Of course, “no booze, no boys” was a rule. We had never talked. But I could feel that this guy was into me. We had been making (and holding!!) eye contact every time we saw each other. I was DEFINITELY into him. We talked for the majority of the night. He walked me home, got my number, and asked me to hang out that week.

Can you believe how lucky I am? I already have found my husband. I am in the top sorority. Life is honestly so easy when you are a pretty sorority girl. 

The next morning, I wake up to stalk myself on Instagram (If you aren’t obsessed with yourself, how do you expect anyone else to be?). To find…. I lost my phone. Rookie mistake. I freak out. Trying to retrace my steps, I head to the sorority house.

I walk in, and there are four upperclassmen, including my Bid Day Buddy, sitting on the couch. I felt something was off. I start to explain that I’m looking for my phone when one of them holds out my phone. Thank god!! Everything is life or death with sorority girls. So even though I just lost my iPhone XR, I thought I was about to die. 

One of them asks me to sit down. I am so thankful for my new sisters, I could kiss them on the mouth. I now understand all those trashy college movies where the girls are making out. It’s the girlies thanking each other for being such amazing friends.

 I sit down only for them to tell me they went through my phone. That guy from the party had texted me some flirty texts this morning. They had read them. They also went through my text messages and found me complaining about my Bid Day Buddy being boring to a contact that said “sister bear.” 

They continued to tell me that insulting an upper-classman to another sister is unacceptable. They said unfortunately I’m not a true sister and I will have to be removed from my pledge class. WHAT.

With their extensions visibly struggling to hold onto their hair, they escorted me out. What my sisters were missing, is that “sister bear” in my phone is my actual sister. I know, I may give off only child vibes. But I did have to share the little love and affection my parents had with another human.

Months later this is what I found out – My Bid day Buddy had the biggest crush on the guy from the party. They’re both juniors and she’s been throwing herself at him for years. After he dropped me off, she called him repeatedly. She saw us leave the party together and was upset. I should add that THEY NEVER DATED. Never even hooked up. 

Tell me sisters – how am I a bad sister by getting with a guy who none of my sisters have dated? How is the older classman a good sister by showing up at another sister’s potential man’s house?

The story here is… be careful your freshman year. You’re entering the squid games and you don’t know the rules yet. 

If you aren’t in a sorority and you are a GDI, do not buy into the lies that you are having less fun. You’re having the same amount of fun and saving thousands of dollars a year. Just befriend some frat boys so you can go to their parties. You’re better off. You can post drunk pictures that make your exes jealous, the sorority girls can’t.

Written by Sofía Viagra

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  1. This is the most worthless pile of crap I’ve ever read. This story is obviously fabricated as no woman is so stupid as to act like the author. I mean, really? Are women this deluded? None I have met

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