Killer Whales Are Teaching Their Young To Sink Ships

Just like sorority girls, Killer Whales are known to copy each other, and it looks like tearing down boats is the ocean’s newest trend. While I hate the idea of using paper straws and having to buy reusable grocery bags, it’s pretty easy to see we’ve been partying a little too hard with mother nature. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch makes our oceans look like the basement of a frat house, and our atmosphere is getting warmer than a closet full of pledges. Mama Nature is not happy with us and now she is sending one of her most lethal animals to send a message. For most of my life, I saw Killer Whales as the animals that were abused and locked in tanks by a few psychos down in Florida. Now, they are getting their revenge for Shamu by sinking boats off the coast of a multiple European countries. 

This must be one of the most terrifying things I have seen in a while. Imagine being on a chill boat day with the lads and then an animal the size of a school bus starts gunning you down and your boat starts to sink. That is the definition of a party killer. One of the worst attacks was reported on May 4 when a Swiss Yacht named Champagne was completely sunk as it traveled through the Strait of Gibraltar. I mean come on, with a name like Champagne those rich bastards were asking for it. Luckily, no deaths have been reported from any of the incidents, and some attacks go all the way back to early 2020.

The orcas are definitely picking their targets and working effectively as they only attack 1 in every hundred boats that pass through the strait. As someone who was a big fan of the movie ‘Free Willy’, I’m kinda starting to root for the Orcas. Scientists are saying that this all started from a spike in aggression by a female orca whom they have named “White Gladis.” Now that just sounds like a woman that you wouldn’t want to fuck with. It is believed that this absolute unit of a whale suffered trauma from some sort of boat collision and has now made it her mission to wreak havoc on the sea. Other Orcas are believed to be imitating this behavioral switch which could lead to a rise in the number of attacks. Considering that there isn’t any trauma therapy for whales, I’m not really sure what scientists plan on doing to resolve this matter, and there haven’t been any reports of a viable solution.  

Written by Brady White

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