Kim Kardashian Shows Off Everything In New Ad

(Photo by SKIMS via Daily Mail)

I don’t typically pay much attention to advertisements for women’s clothing, but this Kim K one surely caught my eye.

Kim Kardashian’s brand SKIMS came out with faux leather undergarments today and while I couldn’t care less about the actual merchandise, the photoshoot for the clothes are unbelievable. 

In what some are calling this shoot to be Kim’s “raunchiest photoshoot yet,” the reality star bares it all, only covering herself with itty-bitty strips of leather. Kim is oiled up and modeling her own clothing alongside some other sexy models (and a couple dudes but I won’t put those photos on here).

Enough stalling, here are some pictures from the spicy shoot.

Three’s Definitely Not A Crowd

(Photo by SKIMS via Daily Mail)

Starting off strong, Kim lays on the ground with two beautiful sidekicks watching over her. Say what you want about Kim K, but it’s pretty damn thoughtful for her to bring on two extra hotties for us gentlemen to look at. 

Bird’s-Eye View

(Photo by SKIMS via Daily Mail)

Here we get a nice aerial view. While it doesn’t bode well for cleavage peeking, we do get a cool side-ass shot. Not as good as side-boob in my opinion, but we’ll take what we can get.

Behind-The-Scenes Money Shot

(Photo by SKIMS via Daily Mail)

Jackpot! There’s the cleavage. See, this is what I mean about Kim’s generosity. This is clearly a behind-the-scenes candid shot of her getting her makeup done. But in the end, Kim saw how great of an angle this was and posted it just for our pleasure. Now, who could hate someone who does things like that? I sure can’t.

If you want more content from this photoshoot, you can find a bunch more pictures on Kim’s Instagram. I must warn you though, there are some photos with dudes in them.

As for the question of whether this is Kim’s raunchiest shoot yet, I think it’s safe to say it doesn’t even come close to the one Ray J filmed.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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