Know your meme: The Trinity of Joe Biden, Brandon, and Dark Brandon

Joe Biden:

Joe Biden is an old man who tripped into the most powerful job the world currently has. In his human form, Biden has no fucking idea where he is at any given moment. I don’t mean that politically, I genuinely think someone has to remind him throughout the day what building he’s in. He is hated by the right, he is tolerated by the center-left, and he is hated most of all by the far left. We all know Joe Biden, we all have an opinion on Joe Biden, yadda yadda yadda no one wants to hear yours.


Brandon Brown, a 28-year-old race car driver in the Xfinity series, had just won his first race at Talladega Speedway in Alabama.  As NBC’s Kelli Stavast interviewed him after the win, the crowd began chanting “fuck joe Biden”, louder and louder. In a moment of confusion, or in a purposeful act of allusion, Stavast acknowledged the chant as “let’s go Brandon”. Opposers of Biden quickly correlated the two together, and it was understood going forward that anytime someone said “let’s go Brandon”, what they really meant was “fuck Joe Biden”. 

From there, “let’s go Brandon” grew rampant. Every figure on the right picked it up, and every small-scale right winger adapted it as well. Eventually, the meme transitioned into simply referring to Joe Biden as Brandon. Any person who called him that going forward used it as a way to mock Biden and his supporters. This was not solely in the hands of the right. Leftists who hate Biden’s moderate policies called him that too. 

Dark Brandon:

Just when it seemed as if the right had, for the first time ever, out meme’d the left (I don’t say this with bias, I hate politics, but the left simply makes better memes than the right and I challenge you to prove me wrong), the left struck back. 

Dark Brandon memes started popping up over the last six months. As the Biden administration inches closer to reelection, they have started implementing more policies that are aimed at wooing over their base; an intentional move considering Biden is dropping in every national poll. These policies include student loan forgiveness, stronger climate change actions, and strengthening the standing of immigrants in different programs (dreamers). However, the most notable change in the Biden administration was their rise in engaged conflict with republicans. 

So it was this type of change in behavior from the administration that birthed the Dark Brandon meme. Then the people got ahold of the dark Brandon meme, and now the left is feeding Brandon back to the right.

If you’re a fan of my blogs, then you know I love Twitter. This is exactly why I love this shit. It’s chaos, its conflict, it’s love, it’s loss.

But the real story here is that Joe Biden has turned into a triune President. Three separate consciences exist within the body of an old man, and in the last 4 months, his most evil one has been winning. We don’t know which version of Joe we will get any more, and for the first time in a long time, we have a funny president again. Anyway happy Tuesday.

Written by tfmdirtymike

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