Kwame Brown Is A Man That You Should Not Fuck With

If you’re involved with NBA Twitter, you know that Kwame Brown’s name has been talked about a lot. Now, why would the former number one pick who hasn’t played since 2012? Well, because the man comes for the throat and only goes for the kill. On Stephen Jackson and Matt Barne’s podcast, All The Smoke is where the entire beef started. The podcast had on Gilbert Arenas, and he shared stories of the shitty Wizard team he was on. He started the podcast talking nice about Brown, but then the conversation turned into making fun of him. Arenas called Brown a “man child” and a “show pony” the stories that I’ve heard of Brown he is the opposite of a man child, and he’s not a show pony, but a stallion builds for strength. Stephen Jackson rubbed salt in the wound as he said, “Brown was the best number 1 pick of all time,” and then immediately laughed at his shitty joke.

Brown went to YouTube and tore the living shit out of Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes. The YouTube video wasn’t the end of it. Brown has also gone to Instagram.

If Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson want some of the smoke, Kwame is ready for it. He even knows that Seattle has mutual combat where motherfuckers can square up, and nothing will happen to them. If you know, that’s a rule you’re ready for all of the smoke, not just some of the smoke. This was a joke that Kwame made which is great. If Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson do show up, they better bring a shit ton of people.

It wasn’t only Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson that Kwame is going after. Now Stephen A. Smith and Charlamagne are caught in the crosshairs after making fun of Kwame’s basketball career. This is something that Stephen A. Smith and Charlemagne should deeply regret.

Sure Kwame Brown wasn’t the GOAT, but he did play for 12 years and made over $64 million. That’s something that thousands of people would pray for. Shit, I would give up my left nut to have a career like that. I guess that Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, and Gilbert Arenas think they had these amazing careers. Jackson is best known for Malice In The Palace, Barnes is best known for pretending to throw the ball at Kobe’s face, and Arenas is known for bringing guns to the locker room.

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