Kylie Jenner Confirms (and Regrets) Boob Job

You don’t need to be a plastic surgeon to recognize that Kylie Jenner has gotten some work done on her breasts. But, the supermodel and fashion icon refrained from admitting so, until today. However, the real story here isn’t the fact that the world can now say with 100% certainty that Kylie got a boob job. Rather, it’s the fact that she regrets the boob job.

I won’t deny it – I enjoy looking at Kylie Jenner. I’m sure most of you are in the same boat. So, I really have no issue with her physique, even if some parts of it are technically “fake”. But, in an era where uncomfortably plastic OnlyFans models terrorize the internet with their forty-thousand-dollar chests, I can understand why Kylie might miss her natural body. I’m sure she’s thought about getting a reduction, but once you’ve gone plastic, you’re sort of in it for life. I’d imagine that none of her exes had any problem with her girlies, however, I guess the only important opinion on the matter is Kylie’s. 

I’m team natural through and through, and to be completely honest, I don’t understand the opposition one bit. Hopefully, Kylie can influence the coming generations to stay away from silicon. While boob jobs will never completely go away, I’d love to be able to scroll through my Instagram feed in public without worrying about a girl with triple Ds popping up. To each their own – unless you’re going to purposefully give yourself chronic back problems for the rest of your life. That part never made sense to me. I get sick of carrying around my backpack at school for more than ten minutes at a time – how do these chicks do it?

Written by the godfather

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